SP1: "Those Who Roar Last​.​.​" (the prequel)

by Lion-Hearted

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released November 12, 2013

All songs written and performed by Lion-Hearted © 2013 Lyrics by Marc David Gambino (except "Wake Up" - written by Stephanie Chapman)

Marc David Gambino - Bass, lead vocals
Pete Pineyro - Guitar, vocals
Joseph D'Aqui - Drums


all rights reserved



Lion-Hearted New Jersey

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Track Name: Ear to The Ground
V1)Revelation… Some Say…. Comes from the top down (and it may).

Revolution… To stay… Comes from the bottom up… Today!

(We’ve been wondering so long, some of us have stopped asking.)

To pose the question of why - - keep an eye to the sky,

But the answer is found by keeping an ear to the ground.

(chorus 1x)

You can hear the sound

With your ear to the ground


(V2)Lightening… Above… Rumbles of thunder… Below.

Connecting earth with the sky… Through drops of rain from on high.

(An unexpected storm’s brewin’ now and ya just don’t know when…)

Lights dance and flash… And the clouds start to part.

Somethin’ big’s touching down… From the heavens to the ground.

(chorus 2x)

- SOLO -

(V3)Lay lines of power… Is where the strong build their towers.

But at this time, those lines shift… Fog of control starts to lift.

(Storm stops the raindrops and then everything gets quiet…)

Stampede of foot… All living things that can move…

In a rhythm together, and getting closer than ever!
Track Name: Can't Sit Still
(V1) I’ve got things that need to get done… Can’t sit still.

All at once or one by one… Can’t sit still.

Startin’ to feel the kick from caffeine… Can’t sit still.

And now I hear the song that’s playing… Can’t sit still.

(“Chorus 1”) Earbuds in and I start to move,

Grateful for the tune with the awesome groove,

Can’t get this energy from a pill,

Got to go ‘cause I CAN’T SIT STILL!

<”Short stops w/ drum fills and bass riffs>

(V2) Kick drum, hi-hat, snare drum beat… Can’t sit still.

Bassline lifts me off my feet… Can’t sit still.

Air guitar to the solo part… Can’t sit still.

Blasts of horns right to the heart… Can’t sit still.

<Repeat Chorus 1 to guitar solo>

(V3) Speakers shake the frame of the car… Can’t sit still.

Drivin’ to where you already are… Can’t sit still.

Singin’ ‘til my eardrums ring… Can’t sit still.

UMANO bring what you always bring!!!… Can’t sit still.

(“Chorus 2”) Mulit-tasking like an octopus,

Got my groove, you don’t need to push,

Mapped-out plan I will kill,

Got to go ‘cause I CAN’T SIT STILL!
Track Name: Never Really Gone
Through dimensions of a dream, I see tears in your eyes

And I want to tell you why

You should never feel alone… Never be afraid

I’ll be right by your side… All the time

(“Pre-Chorus 1”) It wasn’t easy letting go… To let it just slip away

Held on tight with all my might… With hopes to live just one more day

(Chorus) You should always know you’ll never be alone

Every time you think of me, I’m NEVER REALLY GONE

The real reality… Not everyone can see

Is where I have to be

But, if you think – therefore I am… In the picture frame

Just remember me… My legacy!

<Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus>

(Bridge) When I was there with you, I took for granted that you always knew

After I left you physically… Our love would go… Go on without me.

(Guitar solo)

You think you sit alone… But I’m right by your side

(And this is ALL the time!)

I will help lift you up… And dry those teary eyes

With thoughts of happiness… (This too shall pass!)
Track Name: Wake Up
Wake up… A warm and brilliant sun is rising. Wake up… It can sure be hypnotizing. Wake up… Open up your eyes, So you can see that everything is not the way they tell you it is. (Listen to this…)

Wake up… We gotta get it all together. Wake up… It’s down to now or never. Wake up… You may think you’re doing fine, But if you open up your mind to feel the light - - You’ll be on cloud nine. (Just open your mind.)

The effect of everything that we do and say Depends on how we’re living from day to day. When the planets and the stars align in outer space, If you’re looking for a start - - THIS IS THE PLACE.

Wake up… Lift some spirits way up high. Wake up… Give them wings to fly. Wake up… There’s no time to sit and think about the past, When this world of today is moving so fast. (It’s moving so fast.)

Wake up… Love your sisters and your brothers. Wake up… Share your time with others. Wake up… Give to someone from your heart today, And guarantee that you’ll feel great right away. (So, don’t delay.)

Illusion is a powerful force I know, And that is why our minds must not cease to grow. Destruction is around, below and above… But we can heal the world with THE POWER OF LOVE.

Wake up… There’s a multi-colored rainbow here Wake up… The future’s bright and clear Wake up… Join the people of the world in a song of peace and joy Please sing along… (Together we’re strong.)

Music is the universal way to bring everybody close today The voices of the world in harmony have just what we need to set us free

Wake up… Don’t hesitate to contemplate. Wake up… Why wait to activate? Wake up… You alone can’t change the world, but together we’ll try. Let’s take to the sky, and take some others with us, by and by. (Take everybody along…)

Track Name: Captured
<V1>You drew me in like a catch on a reel

I knew good lovin’ I was destined to feel

Hope’s restored, and (thanks to you)

I knew you meant my search was through

Memories of past stored in a letter

My love for you could only get better

King-sized landslide burying me

Even if I wanted, I couldn’t break free


I’m CAPTURED… (Like a pawn…)

I’m CAPTURED… (It’s almost dawn...)

I’m CAPTURED (Willingly…)

I’m CAPTURED (You’ve captured me…)

<V2>The way you caught me I didn’t fight

But now that I’m captured - - watch my bite

The animal in me that’s on the rise

Is a feeling too strong to try to hide

<chorus x2>


<V3>Time stood still when I first saw you

Now it’s racin’ by (What can we do?)

Days turn to weeks and weeks to years

You can lose the cage ‘cause I’m stayin’ right here

<chorus x2>
Track Name: Enough is Enough
Changing channels, searching the web, gory image stuck inside my head

(Can you make it go away?)

Too much shooting, too much bloodshed, too much violence all around today

Why can’t they see what they feed us is the path on which they lead astray?

When do we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

(Can’t turn away…) Think I’ve lost my mind ‘cause I’m getting numb

Shooting zombies is okay ‘cause it’s a game and they’re dead anyway

(And you know you want to play)

But Janet Jackson slips a nip, the so-called holy go off on a trip

All the same, they give us shame, controlling the words they say we can say

When do we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

(Can’t turn away…) Think I’ve lost my mind ‘cause I’m getting numb


Just one child is worth more than all of the guns on the earth

It’s our duty to teach them beauty at the risk of being called perverse

It’s been said that they’re our last chance

Break them from this trance we’re all in

When do we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

(Can’t turn away…) Think I’ve lost my mind ‘cause I’m getting numb
Track Name: Fall & Rise (Up From The Ashes)
Can’t believe the way it went, The time and energy I spent. I just never dared to think,I could ever lose my way . Thinkin’ that the chance had gone,

For love ever to return.

Now’s the time for clear rewind Of the echoes in my mind.

You’ve lifted me… Up from the ashes!

Couldn’t happen fast enough, Waiting game was getting rough. Guess events had run their course, But was I asking for too much?

Wanting hard to believe A better fate awaited me. Don’t know what I would have done,If you never came along.

You’ve lifted me… Up from the ashes!

Shining like a ray of light, I still cannot believe the way.

A stroke of luck looked me up, Found me on the day we met.

I could never say enough, ‘Bout the way you changed my life.

You would teach me how to learn, To finally feel like I deserved,

Something other than being down,

You lifted me… You lifted me… You lifted me… Up from the ashes!
Track Name: Ugly
<V1> There are those who radiate natural beauty They walk in a room and everyone races to them Just to feel the warmth of their embrace and smile But it eats your insides out all the while

<PC1> This is something that you’ve got to fix On your shoulder, you wear your bag of tricks A“one-trick pony”, you shop until you drop You won’t stop ‘til you think you’ll make eyes pop

<C1> You thought all it took was that you’d spend your money In your constant quest for beauty, you got UGLY

<V2> It’s a shame, I pity your sad existence You may get admiration from a distance But once they get close to you, you’re exposed Nothing underneath the warpaint and the pricey clothes

<PC2> This is something that you can’t change with ease Never knowing love has left you in a freeze Love for you is in a shopping bag Or on the tip of a scalpel for a nip tuck on a sag

<Repeat Chorus>

<Guitar solo>

<V3 in chorus style> In your constant quest for beauty, you got UGLY You thought all it takes is that you spend your money Drop-dead beauty…NO! (Just drop-dead cluelessness) Superficial outside masks the inside emptiness.
Track Name: dues:PAID
<V1>Coulda, woulda, shoulda… I can look back now

Been through the ringer and I don’t know how

I survived, stayed alive, managed to thrive

Getting in my way is something I wouldn’t try

Yes, there were times when I wasn’t sure

But I stuck around until I couldn’t take no more

I showed you… You showed me… HA! (Doesn’t matter…)

One of us showed the other the door



I paid my dues… And the time is right

Gonna get what’s mine,

And from you there will be no fight (No fight)

<V2> Remember the times you couldn’t look my way

As if you would be sickened (It was on display)

Attacked my pride, strength inside… (Might’ve even lied…)

Couldn’t pierce my armor no matter how you tried

Responsibilities wearin’ me thin

But I could run circles ‘round you (Make your head spin)

When I’d stop, and I’d talk - - You didn’t even think

Of giving what I said a good listen



<V3> Hung around through all that negativity

When you made being positive as tough as it could be

I guess you could say I was “taking one…

For the team (that didn’t even want winning to be)”

Coulda, woulda, shoulda… I can look back now

What I learned is what’s gonna show me how

To live a dream, love to work (At what I love)

Take joy going beyond and above

Track Name: The Only Place I Call Home
(V1) Nine months in perfect climate control.

Not hot, not humid, no wind and no cold.

Never worrying if I was gonna get fed.

You could say everyday I had breakfast in bed.

(“Chorus 1”) Then, someone grabbed me by my legs and gave me a pull.

I’ve spent my time since then trying to get back to…

The only place I call home.

(V2) No bills, no job and nobody to owe.

The only thing expected is that I would grow.

No sense of fashion (truth be told).

Never wondered what to wear…

‘Cause I had no clothes.

<Repeat Chorus 1 to guitar solo to dynamic low>

(V3) What did I do to deserve this?

(Something I said?)

Did I miss a due date to pay the rent?

(Where was it spent?)

You started feeling restricted, so I had to go.

I was being evicted, but I didn’t know!

(“Chorus 3”) Then, someone grabbed me by my legs and gave me a whack.

I’ve spent my days, in so many ways, trying to get back to…

The only place I call home.

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